How to convert negative thinking to positive thinking (science based)

Negative thinking kills us, makes our performances poor and breaks our relationships. Fortunately, you can change your negative thinking to positive thinking / thoughts. Here we analyzed how to change one’s negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Change your eternal voice

Have a deep look what you say to yourself the whole day. We all have eternal voice, we talk to ourselves.

Our behaviour and mindset is the reflection of our eternal voice says all the time, to our mind. For example, “I have nothing to do”, “I can’t do”, “I am unable to do this”, “I always mess things”. Ultimately these eternal words work against you, these words are responsible for your poor performance and mindset. On the contrary, if your eternal voice says “Yes, I can do”, “I am capable to do this”, “Everything will be fine”, these eternal voice will help you to get better performance and achieve your targeted goal.

But how to change eternal voices? Is it possible?


Step 1. When negative eternal voice hits your mind, stop them instantly and utter reversive words compared to negative eternal voice. For example, if your eternal voice says, “I can’t do”, then you start to say “Yes, I can do”. Repeat a couple of times.

Step 2. Everyday at morning and/or before sleeping read positive mindset books for 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Step 3. Everyday listen to motivational and positive mindset audio books. You can listen to them while you are jogging, walking or doing other staffs where you don’t need to concentrate.

Surround yourself with positive mindset people

Another key idea to change your negative thinking towards positive ones, is to remove negative people from your surroundings and fill them up with positive mindset people – people who are constructive and supportive. While your negative thinking are creeping in and those are being out of control, share with your positive minded friend who will give you constructive support.

Help someone who needs help

According The New York Times, if you’re fighting with negative thoughts, helping someone in need will help you to overcome. Simple and easy ways you can help people in need:

  • Buying whatever the street child is selling.
  • Donate a little portion to a local charity.
  • Spend a day in volunteering.
  • Donate something you don’t use.
  • Buy food for a homeless person.
  • Teach for free in orphan house.
  • Donate your time to help make or supply meals.
  • Answer questions to donate rice to people in need through This site works through the UN WFP (World Food Programme). Every time you provide answer a question, ten grains of rice are donated to poor people.


Read positive quotes

Follow positive quotes websites in Facebook, Instagram. Read positive quotes when you are free and when negative thinking creeping on you.

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