According to Science, Having a sister makes you a better person

Journal of Family Psychology published a research which proves that having a sister makes a better person. Sister can be older or younger. This research involves examining 400 families with multiple siblings. Where ages of them were between 10~14. Having a sister (older or younger) promoted positive vibe and positive mental health in their siblings.

The research also shows that, brothers and sisters also had a great capacity to communicate and resolve conflicts.

There may be fight between siblings can happen, but through this process they learn how to regulate emotions. This is a crucial skill they learn which help them later in life.

There is amazing results for ladies too having boy siblings. Another interesting fact found in the study that, after the siblings parent have passed away, sister do more and try more to keep the family together.

In other studies, found that a sister siblings helps you in several ways:

  1. A sister gives you a strong mental health
  2. A sister helps you to develop interpersonal skills
  3. A sister helps you to develop communications skills
  4. .. also teaches you to be independent

Another survey conducted through 571 participants ages 17 to 25 shows that, sister can help their siblings reach inner peace. Brothers having at least one sister were better to cope up with issues in their life and experience less stress.
A study conducted by Brigham Young University shows that, sister protect siblings from depression.

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