8 reasons why you should not watch TV (science based)

You become lazy and unhealthy

When you watch TV, you do nothing. No physical activity. Sit down in front of the TV all the time makes us lazy. As we are doing no physical activity, no calories being burned, you become unhealthy. In a research by American Medical Association found that the people who watch two hours spend glued to the tube (no physical activity), they are in the risk of diabetes (type 2) by 20%. Also in heart diseases by 15%. And an additional 3 hours spending time in front of the TV, the risk of dying moves to 13% on average.

Dr. Stephen Kopecky a cardiologist and professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, United States says that watching TV shows is not a good habit or behavior, it does not matter in which stage of life you are in, young or old.

Wasting your precious time

While you watch TV, specifically you are doing nothing, you are wasting your valuable time. These precious time should be spent on something productive or family loving or other useful activities. In these time you can read a book, walk with parents, children or loved ones. Also at this time, you can work with your hobbies, drawing, photographing.

You lose social interactions

When you spend time in front of a TV, the couple of hours, you are losing social interaction. Social interaction is the basic human activity and you are losing social interaction while you are engaged with TV. In this time, you can play with your children or friends, go for dinner with family, hanging out with friends.

Watching TV encourages yourself with negativity thoughts

Nowadays, most of the TV shows are full of negative thoughts. The news channel, the drama, the movies, most of them have a lack of positive messages. Children will learn what they will see. Their heart will be poured of full of negative thoughts.

According to stanford children’s health, children usually influenced by what they see, what they observe, what they hear, especially on TV shows. Violent behavior in TV shows makes them fear. Also children becomes used to poor eating habits (high calorie but low nutrition foods) through commercials displayed on TV.

According Stanford Children Health, children should not watch all channels. Only they will see the discovery channel, history channel, learning channels.

How much time should children watch TV? According to American Academy of Pediatrics, followings should be abide by

  • Regarding children aged less than 18 months, avoid the use of screen media other than video-chatting.
  • Regarding children aged 18 to 24 months, should watch only high-quality programs.
  • Regarding children aged 2 to 5 years,  should watch high-quality programs for less than 1 hour.
  • Regarding children aged 6 years,  and older, should not watch more than 2 hours. And make sure TV programs should not take place of physical activity and other behaviors essential to health.

TV Poisons how your outlook on life

The news is filled up with bad things like disaster/death/accidents. There is a lot of news of good things, but those are quite less in the ratio of bad things. All these bad news creates affect in your outlook in life.

TV programs create unrealistic expectation regarding life

Most of TV programs is filled up with beautiful people doing amazing and cool things always, having great and amazing adventures in most of the shows. Those programs create unrealistic expectation of life.

You feel inadequacy

If you compare your life with TV shows, you will feel inadequacy as you are not pretty or smart or funny enough. TV shows make the disillusion that life is just fun. But, in reality, life is never going to be living a TV show.

Your children learning these habits from you

Doctors, researchers are saying watching TV is a bad habit, especially for a long time. They are saying this habit wastes your time, your health become in a stake. Another fact, your children are learning the same habit from you. Children have imitated lifestyle from you.

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