7 evening habits of successful people (science based)

1. Switch off your devices

Arianna Huffington, founder Huffington posts, leaves her phone off and away while she moves for sleeping.

Technology is our friend. The purpose of technology to increase our speed, efficiency to accomplish our tasks and communicate with people. But many people becomes addicted with technology. Sometimes they become slave of technology. They starts to provide more priority to technology compared to family people and friends.

But successful people do the opposite. They provides priority to family people and friends, not technology. For example, Bill gross, owner of more than $600 billion property, he turns off his phones, leaves his phone in his office and then engages with his family members.

2. Unplug from social media

At the end of the day, you should give quality time to yourself, your family and loved ones. It becomes quite important to get rid of all things those can distract your personal and family time. So, switch of all distractions like social media, emails and anything that can distract your moments. Try to do something you love, for example, painting, walk with your loved ones, have a hot bath and others; every night before you move for sleep.

3. Exercise

Successful people engages with some exercise in evening. For example, Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne, each evening walks for 20 minutes.

There are couple of benefits if you workout at evening. For example, it relieves stress. Workout before bed makes your brain stronger, as a result you can handle stress better way.

Another benefit, you will get in shape faster. According to research of Texas A&M University, late-day workouts are more effective compared to morning time to muscle function and strength peak. High levels of cortisol in morning can prevent muscle growth, but increased testosterone in the evening will boosts up muscle growth.

Another crucial benefit, due to evening workouts you will get sleep more deeply. But to get best night’s sleep, you should avoid hard workout in the late evening or right before the bed. But how much time you should workout? The National Institute of Health recommends 150 minutes of workout a week for healthy adults. It will be better if your breakdown as 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

4. Prepare to do list for next day

CEO of American Express, Kenneth writes down three things he want to accomplish the next day.

Preparing a to-do list at evening has benefits. For example, This process clears your mind and you can have a good quality of sleep.

What things should be in your to-do list

  • Top priority things that need to be done by tomorrow.
  • Things to avoid (for example, bad behaviour you want to stop doing).

Brian Tracy, in his international best selling book “Eat That Frog” approaches a method named “ABCDE Method” to organize tasks. If you utilize that approach, you will be completely organized and ready to get more important things done faster.

  • An “A” item is very important, something you must do.
  • A “B” item is something you should do, which have a mild consequence. The rule is you will never do “B” tasks until “A” tasks are completed.
  • A “C” item is something would be nice to do, but it has no consequence.
  • A “D” item is something you can delegate to someone.
  • An “E” item is something you can eliminate and it won’t make any real difference.

5. Read a book  

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates says that, he reads for an hour every night. He consider reading at night to be “part of falling asleep”.

Successful people read everyday. They know it’s importance. Because this habit helps them to achieve better results in their personal, spiritual and professional life.

Reading habit before bed has other benefits. Reading before bed can help you to improve cognitive thinking, reduce stress, reduce cortisol levels and progressively calm you down.

Reading before bed can help you to improve your sleep. According to research of University of Sussex, reading book before bed helps to cope up with insomnia (Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep.). This research shows that six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%, clearing the mind and preparing the body for sleep.

6. Spend time with family

Most successful people spends quality of time with their families everyday; they knows life is not all about work, work, and work. They don’t get trapped in 24 hours work schedule. Successful people finds a way how to make time for their family. For example, going for a dinner, going for a walk, playing games with kids, paddle a kayak, go fishing and more.

7. Meditate

Why meditation? According to research, medication has many benefits, both mental and physical. For example, it helps to reduce stress, improves quality of sleep, lower the blood pressure, and more.

Successful people meditates. For example, Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin everyday make a slot to practice his meditation.

Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post, says that, she meditate since her teenage and meditation plays a huge part of her success.

Jerry Seinfeld owner of more than $800 million, says that he mediates regularly and meditation helps him to increase productivity.

CEO of Panda Express Andrew Chert meditates himself and also strongly suggests his stuffs for meditation.

Founder of the Def Jam records, Russell Simmons shares that in his life nothing else has been important in his career than meditation.

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